Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Comparison of Noise

After been not satisfied with the low hum levels, I decided to plug back my Maple Tree Audio Ear, and low and behold, even more noise! I didn't remember that at all. But, I remembered that my son accidentally touched the driver tube, so I decided to give it a gentle jiggle, and noise gone. Obviously a dodgy connector, dirty or something along those lines. But yes, there is no noise in that amp at all. Admittably the Elekit's hum was very soft, but in my current home, the ambient noise levels are very low almost all the time, so the noise is a bit more audible. However, the Ear was built over five years ago, with similar spec'd components, and it is, noise or hum free. I think there might be another problem in my wiring or placement of components in the Elekit.

Going through this exercise has spurred me onto completing the D3a amp and the Aikido headphone amp. But due to the imminent house move, they will all have to wait until I unpack at the new home. At least I have three (!) working headphone amps. I still haven't got around to fixing the Crack just yet.

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