Tuesday, 25 October 2011

C3g Headphone Amp Progress

Here are some photos of the progress build of the C3g Headphone amp. As you can see, the TubeCAD Regulator PSU unit is assembled, and the various major components laid out. The key components: Acoustic Dimension 41 step attenuator, Lundahl LL1689 Amorphous core output transformer, TubeCAD PS-1 heater and HV regulator, two Hammond mains transformers, and massive IEC Inlet with filter, fuse and switch. All of this in a 16x8x3 Hammond aluminium case.

There are some time restrictions as I will be leaving shortly, and need to complete this within a few days, otherwise it will have to go in the post. Note that I am missing still the Yamamoto Loctal teflon sockets. Still, a lot of chassis work to be done, as well as testing, etc.