Saturday, 21 May 2011

Elekit TU-882R Completed!

Today, I had the opportunity to revisit the parked Elekit headphone amp. I removed the aftermarket pot, with its, 'too long' wiring, and installed the stock standard Alps pot with the associated PCB. Fired it up, the problems experience were all but gone! I am not happily enjoying the amp. There is still residual hum, but its' level is now constant with the volume. Only the digital hash coming from my source is present, and that is proportional to the volume control level. I would like to run the amp in for about a hundred hours or so, over the next month, before I make further, more educated comments. Thanks to Victor to recommending the fix.

So far, the sound has been quite enjoyable. First impressions are that the bass is not as 'slamming' as the Crack, and more inline with the Ear++. The amp has much higher gain that the Ear++, as the volume from my computer is quite low, and a good listening level is around 40~50% on the volume control.


  1. Hi David

    You did a wonderful job.

    BC Canada

  2. Hi, David,
    I'm interested on buying a headphones tube amp in kit, and I found this Elekit TU-882R that should fit for me. I have a pair of Audeze Sine (planar magnetic, 20 ohm).
    After some years, do you think this is still a good amp to buy? Or do you suggest something different in this budget (500$ to get to my country, plus custom fees, I think)
    Thank you in advance