Wednesday, 11 May 2011

F4 Capacitors

Having reviewed the various options for the PSU capacitors around, I have decided to use either the Nichicon KG series (maybe Super Through), or the DNM T-Network capacitor (also here). In either instance, stick to a 10,000uF single for the first capacitor stage, followed by 2x 10,000 uF in the second capacitor, after the choke. I will aim to bypass the final stage with a low value, high quality 0.1~0.47 uF film capacitor. Maybe a Russian Teflon, or a paper in oil type. For safety, will be using 63V or higher voltage ratings. Finally, having reviewed how the F4 will be used, I no longer need to have a separate PSU supply for each channel, which reduces the cost and number of parts significantly. So in the above example, I'd be using 6 caps per F4, and I will need 12 in total, plus 4 film by-pass caps. Not sure if the above will work with the Chipamp PCB, as there are different cap positions. Also the KG don't all come in a snap-in PCB mount, actually, they are mostly in a termainl mount. However, the T-Network seems to have the right hole arrangements. Anyway, given I am moving house soon, all of this will have to be put on hold for at least 2 months until I settle in.

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