Saturday, 10 March 2012

LiTe DAC AH Exposed

The LiTe DAC-AH just arrived, and here are some photos of the innards. At the moment, got around 10 hours of burn in - the initial sound seemed to be bass heavy - but overall very articulate. Also note my current audio setup. The white cable is a Lifatech Silflex multi-stran glass Toslink cable. Very nice cable - good price and built well. A note that the unit does get a little warm when left on. Nothing hot or anything, but it is slightly warm to the touch. It was noted that the PCB board said the input voltages were 18VAC, 9.5VAC and 10.5VAC. The transformer indicated 18VAC, 9.5VAC and 9VAC.
  • CS8414 - SPDIF receiver
  • TDA1543 - DAC Chips
  • AD847JN - OPAMP output. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


In the end, I ended up placing three orders for the PCM1704, one for a pair of the J versions, and the other; for 17 of the K version. Find the arrival of the first order, from RS Components. Note that this part is made in Japan, and for US$70, you get a fancy case. Well, from a reputable source, I am certain that this is an original chip. Note the markings. Also place orders for the DF1706, which is a 24/192 digital filter, more flexible than the DF1704 in that it takes the higher resolution; but also pricey, at around US$32 each at Mouser. My 'price is no object' DAC is coming together - more information on this, and maybe some schematics soon.

BTW, I am burning in the QA350 now, and have about 100 hours on it; no time to listen, but maybe in the next few days, some thoughts after some burning in. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Latest Project

Just made a purchase for 8 units of the PCM1704U-K - Ouch! They are not cheap. But, I think that they will make a nice ultimate DAC unit - one that is swimming in my head right now. Along with that order, I also got some LME49990 and LME49600 - to be used for general opamps as well as a headphone amp that I am also planning.