Thursday, 26 May 2011

More info on the Raven

Found this thread over at Audio Asylum regarding the Raven, and I put here Gary Dahl's comment:

"I would suggest a Raven MkII with S&B TX-102 transformer volume controls at the input. Circuit diagram is at the link below, with the following updates/exceptions:

1. Omit the DACT CT2-10K-4

2. Replace LL1676 with Sowter 3575

3. Install TX -102's at input, ahead of Sowter 3575's.

4. Omit grid resistors."

Also noted that the LL1680 doesn't come in a Amorphous core version, but I should be able to use the LL1689 as it has the same windings, though it doesn't seem to be a dual coil. Too bad the LL1689AM that I have on hand, is gapped for SE. With the above suggestions, it is even better for me, as I have a pair of Sowter 3575 that isn't actively used in my early Millett Uniamp builld. But it'd be worthwhile to explore using Sowter's other TVC like 9985, which has balance controls as well.

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