Saturday, 18 June 2011

C3g Headphone Idea

Here is something that I knocked up quickly as I was listening to the HD650 and Elekit headphone setup. This is in a similar vein to my D3a concept and shares many similar parts. I think this project would be very quick to knock up. This would make use of the TubeCAD Regulator PCB kit, making the build itself even more straight forward. The main reason for considering the C3g as well as the D3a tube are the various comments on the Internet regarding the consistency between various D3a samples. It appears that there may be a high sample variation between the tubes, and careful selection is required. The C3g, being a lower Gm tube, may have less sample variation. But time will tell, as I have to actually build the two amps first, to test the outcome. Again, this might work for other triodes as well.

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