Monday, 9 May 2011

What to pair with the F4

The question of what to pair with the F4 current buffers is an important question that was asked in a forum, and I think it deserves some time to review. Currently, the best candidate would be the 45 DRD build. With a specified output of around 1 to 2W, makes a perfect candidate for F4. I also have a 16 ohm tap, which should ensure that there is sufficient voltage to swing the F4. In this configuration, I can be using a pair of F4 per channel to buffer both the HF and LF drivers. This frees up the choices available for either, as the speaker efficiency is not too critical.

On the other hand, I could attempt to mate it with my plethora of headphone amps, which in and of itself, would make an excellent experiment. That is, comparing different headphone amps on both speakers and headphones. And finally, I have an Aikido line stage sitting in parts, and that could itself also be a good front end. Either way, I think the flexibility that the F4 offers is great, and allows me to mix, match and experiment with different combinations.

Extending the notion of boosting a flea power amp, the F4 allows one to experiment with medium mu DHT or single stage DHT amps. Using something like a 30, with a mu of around 9 or a 01A, 26 or 10 with a mu of 8. There are so many possibilities...

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