Friday, 11 February 2011

Joy of Music

Well, it has been almost three months since I had to pack up my equipment and move house, and unpack. Finally, I got my butt into gear, and set up the Crack on my new Mac Pro. Am now listening to Missy Higgins as I am writing this, and I almost forgot how much music relaxes me, and helps me unwind at the end of a long week.

Without being too critical, the sound is as good as I remember it. It does sound like the whole band is in my head, with excellent presentation of the music. Highs are crisp, bass articulate and vocals so wonderful! I must say, that Higgin's voice through the headphones are very addictive, and does put you in that place.... Especially with one of my favourite tracks, 'Sound of White' from her first album.

The only issue with the crack that is troubling is the hum. I can hear it, its not too loud, but it is there. Especially when you take one headphone off, and only have the other to your ear.

Moving onto something quite different with The Muse, and their latest album, Resistance, and the first track, 'Uprising', the bass line is so powerful, even through the headphones. Ballamy's dark and penetrating vocals to this track really hits you, along with the strong drums, the slam really do hit you and make a great contrast to the rest of the track. The guitar rift/solos have a real sense of presence and definition. Definitely nothing to complain about the setup.

Anyway, time to stop writing, and enjoy the rest of the session!

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