Friday, 11 February 2011

Alternate Load Lines for F2a

Here are the two alternate options using a 2k6 and 5k loadlines. The 5k seems to be a good compromise between power and apparent linearity. Here is the 2k6 loadline. For some reason, I wanted to put in a 3k5, but ended up with 2k6. The power out is approximately 8.6 Wrms which is significantly better than the 7k5 scenario.

 The one below shows the 5k loadline. The power output is around 5 Wrms, which is decent.
I think the last option would be to prepare a 3k5 line as well, as it opens up various options for output transformers. At the higher powers, between 5 to 8w, it might be powerful enough to power up a full range speaker without the need for a seperate subwoofer.

For this project, I was contemplating using a permalloy output transformer, and Tamura makes them in the 3k, 3k5 and 5k, which are ideal for this project. More details to come later.

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