Saturday, 26 February 2011

Alternate Design for Crack - New Design?

Here is an idea for a new build of the Crack, with the following parameters.

6080 Stage - CCS (sink) -50V at grid @ 50mA, plate voltage around 120V, bringing B+ to 170V.
5687 Stage - CCS (source) -3.2V at grid @ 20mA, plate voltage around 120V, with swing up to 170V at grid voltage of -5.5V.

Might use K and K Audio's Cascode CCS Kits instead of the Bottlehead Speedball, being cheaper. Going to use a tube rectified choke input filter with 3 stages of LC or RC filtering. With these changes, you really can't call it the Bottlehead Crack anymore, and it becomes another OTL Headphone amp.

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