Sunday, 13 February 2011

Workmanship Issue

Just started this evening session, and to my horror, only the right channel is working. The left channel was completely silent, no hum, nothing. I immediate thought it might be the tubes, so I replaced both tubes with new ones, and same problem. I then proceeded to carefully check the wiring. I know that by substituting the larger Aeon caps, the soldering and mechanical support for those large caps was not optimal. Trying to gently tap the left output caps did get the sound to come back sporadically. Something strange I also noticed that when I turned the power off, the left channel would come back!

Well, all of this points to a bad solder joint in the left capacitors somewhere. I think I will need to re-solder and recheck that all the parts of still good. But after a modest bump to the sides of the chassis, the left channel was coaxed back into action. But not the ideal situation. Guess this is another joy of DIY, some measure of risk to tame the rewards that it brings.

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