Friday, 25 February 2011

DT880 First Impressions

Without any break in, straight from the box, into the Crack. The Cracks have Sylvania 6189/12AU7WA and Chatham 6AS7, both with around 10 hours on them. The sound is more balanced then the HD650. Less bass (but it is more firm and controlled),  and the vocals are little more recessed but still very articulate and clear. The highs are somewhat louder and more clear. Overall, the presentation is more balanced, but lacking in the mid warmth and tonality that the HD650 has. The fit around my head is much tighter then the HD650 (but them I am comparing a new pair, to a 5 year old pair). The fit around my larger ears is not as god as the HD650, but still very comfortable. At this sage, the sound is definitely not as engaged as the HD650. But, to compare a brand new pair to a very well broken in pair, is not quite fair.  Anyway, more to follow.

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