Monday, 2 July 2007

Uniamp PCB almost complete!

This is a PCB build of Peter Millet's Uniamp, see his webpage for more info. I have decided to build this as my first true DIY/buy all the components and assemble yourself (except PCB) tube amp. These will be initially run with KT88. After a few months of delay, the PCB is finally assembled. All but 2 resistors have been soldered on and completed.

The parts used for this amp include:

  • NOS Allen Bradley Resistors from eBay.
  • Kiwame Power resistors (5W+) from DIY Hifi Supply.
  • Solen SM Tin Foil Coupling Capacitors from Parts Connexion.
  • Elna Cerafine cathode caps from Welborne Labs.
  • Sowter phase splitter from Sowter.
  • The power supply filter caps (Panasonic FC Snap-on) from Digikey.
Still working on an alternate design from Pete's webpage.

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