Friday, 20 July 2007

PCB Power Supply Boards

In my ventures, I stumbled across these PCB from DIY Club, an online shop in Hong Kong that sells some rather interesting audio DIY related items. Two of which I found great interest in, are the TP4 regulated HV and LT PCB, and A19, a LT regulated PCB. TP4 is described as: "Gold Plated double side pcb, MosFet output, delay function on the high voltage output, with four heater voltage supply output adjustable from 6.3V to 15V". Whilst A19 is described as: "output voltage adjust from 3V to 20V input voltage 5V to 25V AC use LT1083 as volatge regulator". The prices were very reasonable, US$10.50 for the TP4 and US$4.00 for the A19. I bought a few, and here they are.


The boards seem nicely made, with a thick board and nice tidy traces. It was noted however, that two of the pads to the A19 that shouldn't be touching, are in fact touching. This seems to occur (see photo above) with the variable resistor. This is not of great concern to me, as I plan to use a fixed resistor. The TP4 boards will mate nicely with my Aikido PCB, whilst the A19 would work nicely in any future tube amp projects.

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