Sunday, 22 July 2007

MathCAD Spreadsheet for FE-127E

Have now included a PDF print of the MathCAD models designed and made by Martin King that has the parameters for the FE127E speaker. It has been rn in for over 50 hours now, and some of the 'shine' or 'tinny' sound has been reduced. Still amazed at the level of bass that this has, given such a small Sd. But let me say that the bass is not 'loud' by any stretch of the imagination. It is audible, not soft, not recessed, but clean and balanced. The imaging is very nice indeed. Just watching a DVD movie with only 2 speakers, in a Dolby Stereo, the was a wide sound stage, and though not fully surround, the sound did appear to come from the entire front wall, with some sounds appearing to come from outside of the speakers.

The next project is to build another pair of the same, but with a higher front baffle so that it can be floor standing, and have the driver at 1000mm above floor, which is at ear level.

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