Thursday, 19 July 2007

Irons arrived!

The Edcor output transformer and the Hammond choke has both arrived. See pics. The output transformer is definitely larger than I expected. The grey is not the standard finish, but I got it to match with the output transformer that is being 'custom' made by Edcor. The finish on the end bells is okay, not the best I've seen, but okay.

I have placed on order two custom power transformers from Edcor, with the following specs:

230V 50Hz

400V-0-400V @ 150 mA
5V-0V @ 3.0A (5.0V @ 3.0A)
6.3V-0V @ 3.2A (6.3V @ 3.2A)
12.6V-0V @ 0.6A (12.6V @ 0.6A)

That should complete the last of the big stuff for this amp. The chassis will be an all timber affair, approximately 450x300 in size, about 112 deep, with the tubes and transformers on the top side, and choke on the inside. I am thinking of constructing it with 12mm MDF top and bottom, painted black, and the sides of 90x19mm KDHW (hardwood). The connectors, IEC plugs, fuses, switches and posts will be the next to-do.

The tubes have already been purchased. I went with JJ KT88 after some review of stuff on the net and from Vacuum Tube Valley mags. The driver tubes are NOS 12SN7 (hence the 12.6 heater) and NOS JAN 5U4G for the rectifiers.

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