Friday, 6 July 2007

Fostex FE127E ML-TQWT Speaker in Progress

After a few tweaks using Martin King's MathCAD models, I have configured a ML-TQWT using a Fostex FE-127E. The design response is approximately -3dB at 40Hz. The size of the enclosure is externally 900x300x225mm with the driver 200mm from the top, and the port 150mm from the bottom. It is stuffed from the top to the top of the port. The port is 50mm diameter and 100mm long. Approximate total stuffing weight is around 500g. See the response graph below.
The cabinet is made entirely of 16mm MDF, which is readily available in Australia. The size of the cabinet was designed to minimise cuts required. Two sheets of 900x600 and 1200x450 was required. See the pictures below of the speaker in progress. Stuffing used was a product called 'Polyloft' from the local rubber(!) shop.

The speaker is now complete, and being 'run-in'. They are being driven by the Chipamp completed earlier, and a PCB build of Peter Millet's Low Voltage Headphone amp. At the moment, I can say that the sound is really nice. The imaging is very precise, and the separation and articulation of instruments and notes is very clear. I have yet to install the ports in, but the bass is nice and balanced. Generally, the sound is very well balanced and should improve with time!

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