Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Chipamp Complete

After two years of completing the PCB and getting a working amp, I finally managed to put together a case for chipamp! This was the kit purchased from and uses the LM3886TF. I have been running this in for the last few days and proved to be an excellent power amp. There is no hum and no noise. Quiet, and reproduces stereo very nicely. Even though it is not a 'mono-mono' PSU setup, the channel separation is very nice. The case is a fairly simple affair, with hardwood top and bootm panel, and the front and back made of MDF left over from renovations. The sides have been left open and allows the heatsinks to cool and air to enter into the case. So far, after running for 4 hours, the heatsinks are barely warm to touch, and the whole rig is very cool. The wiring may not be the best layout, primarily because the wiring was done without thought of chassis! However, as mentioned above, at normal listening levels, the floor noise is very low. As much advised by other people, the most difficult and expensive part of DIY power amp is building the chassis, and the transformers. It is very hard to get something that is suitable at a reasonable price.

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