Wednesday, 11 January 2012

EM4 Arrived

After nearly a 5 week wait, including Christmas, my custom Earsonics EM4 have arrived! Currently listening to them and they have about 8 hours on them so far. Some initial comments. The supplied cable is very light and flexible, and not microphonic at all. But given their more delicate feel, a spare cable is probably a must.

The build quality overall is good. It does look and feel a custom product and I like that kind of design. Gives it some personality. The acrylic is a little cold to put on initially, but after 10 minutes, it feels fine. The fit of the customs are at superior to any of the other two IEM I have used. That is Shute SE210 and Etymotic HF5. Very comfortable and good noise isolation. This is especially good for the public transport system of Hong Kong. All of this was and is through Apple loss lesson my iPhone 4, with no external amp.

Onto the initial impressions o the sound. At first it was a little unbalanced and lacked warmth. But after about 6 hours they have opened up somewhat and definitely sound better the the well burned in HF5 and SE210. The bass is far superior. Well controlled and tight. The trebles are also much better than the HF5, which was itself better than the SE210. midrange is slightly warm so far, but well balanced in the mix, but slightly more forward than the HF5.

Overall, the sonic presentation is similar to my hD650. Which I haven't been able to for three months. As they were left at home. Since I am going to be home in a few months, and by then the EM4 should be well burnt in, should make a good comparison. Is it worth the money? Yes, for me it is on three levels: better fit and comfort; much better then the HF5, and approaching my memory of the HD650. More thoughts to come, as I am now on DAC hunting mode.

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