Monday, 16 January 2012

Quick thought on EM4

They now have had around 20 or so hours on them, and want to share a few thoughts. Firstly, I am hearing things on the music that I have not heard before, even withy he HD650, and this is on some very familiar tracks. This is good. Second, the sound is not like the other IEM, which sound like they are inside your ears. These actually like like they surround your ear. Much like the presentation of over the ears. This is a very good pint, as I was looking for an IEM that did not focus the sons into your ear. Thirdly, the guitars sound amazing! The way it strums and the intonation, amazing, best guitar sound from headphones. And also, the way it renders piano and keyboard, you can really tell if the mic was close or far, acoustic only, or with effects. Again, much better than all previous. All of this on my iPhone 4, can't wait to get it onto a proper amp and source!

Now onto the negatives thus far. The bass lost some impact and presence, but I hope that it firms up again after more burn in. And secondly, the isolation is not as good as the HF5, but the fit is so much more comfortable. Well that is all for now, more thoughts later.

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