Monday, 5 December 2011

Q&A on Violectric V200 and V800

Another Q&A on the Violectric V200 and the V800 DAC for use on IEMs. 

1. For the USB input on the V800, is limited to 24/96kHz. It appears to be an add-on daughter card. In the future will you be releasing a 24/192kHz USB reciever card, and thus, can that be installed as an upgrade to the V800?
[VE] You are right, the USB input is sdituated on a daughter board and may be upgraded.
We intend to refurbish this PCB when a working 24/192 solution is deliverable. Currently it is not.
This new card will also be offered as an upgrade for existing systems.

2. Is the volume control in the V800 using the attenuation within the DAC chip? Or does it attenuate the signal after it has been processed? Where would be the best place to use the volume control? If the V800 is indeed a digital volume, then I'd assum that it'd be best to apply it there at the V800 and leave the V200 fully open?
[VE] It seems that you do not share the common often reported issues on digital volume control.
For my opinion digital volume control is better than most analog solutions.
Best would be to position the volume from V200 fully open as here no channel missmatch/crosstalk issues have to be feared.
You can adjust the max. volume by  operation the Pre-Gain adjstments from V200 or the max-gain adjustment from V800. 

3. Using the EM4, which are 124 dB headphones, I am very concerned about noise, is this combo dead quiet?

[VE] It is !! We have several customers using In-Ears who proved that.

4. Ultimately, is it better, since my source will be a computer, to get the V200 with the 24/96 option instead? Are the DAC different? Will you be releasing a 24/192 USB module forthe V200 later?
[VE] Although the USB transceivers inside the HPAs and the DAC are equal, the overall circuitry differs much.
The USB PCB inside the HPAs offer a DAC called PCM 1793, inside V800 there is a resampling unit to completely remove jitter and a better DAC called PCM 1792.
Together with the daughter board for the DAC we will make a 24/192 board for the HPAs

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