Monday, 23 January 2012

After 100 hours...

It has been around 100 hours now, with several overnight burning in sessions on the EM4. The result? I can use the words; effortless sound, authority, control and articulate to describe the sound of these IEM. Listening to my very well worn mix of 10 or so songs that I have used in the last year or so to compare all my headphone listening, has demonstrated a sound more akin to the HD650, then any other IEM I have used (which is only two pairs). In terms of the imaging, it definitely is not 'in ear', but much more, around the ear. As such, very natural, and not like someone injecting sound into your ears.

To use the well worn phrase, "I have heard stuff that I have never heard before", would be true in this case. not just new sounds, but the same sounds sounding different, or more truthful to the recording. At this stage, there isn't a lot that I can find fault with them. I don't find these to be warm or dry. But it just feels like the right mix - the right sound.

What I can say is that during the burn in, over the last two weeks, the sound did change up and down by a fair bit, and it seems in increments of between 15 to 20 hours at a time. But right now, with over 100 hours, they have not sounded better! I am sure that it will continue to change until they settle down, at which point, I cannot say, but as long as they keep improving!

The biggest question for me was, were they worth the money? And a lot of money it was... The single most expensive audio item I have bought to date! Even my second hand Lowther DX3 were cheaper! Well, given my current circumstance, they are the closest that I will get to audio nirvana. When I am on the bus, or walking, I do feel like I am in my own private studio, listening to amazing music. This is so relaxing, and helps me deal with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In this way, they are absolutely worth it. Without having to dwell on this too much, I spent the cash, got a result that I am happy with, and is on par, if not better than my previous reference headphones, can't complain!

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