Monday, 5 December 2011

Q&A for Justaudio AHA-120

Here are some questions and answers from Justin of Justaudio regarding their AHA-120 and its use with high sensitivity IEM. 

1. How is the background noise issue? I am very concerned and sensitive to background noise, and was wondering what are the dB levels or noise?
[JA] Measurements are better than specification - in practice with 6dB maximum gain preset and using sensitive IEM (25ohm, 114dB/mW) noise (hiss) is only just slightly (barely) audible at 80-100% volume control position; So dominant noise will be source/mp3 player. 
2. I saw that you do offer a lower gain version for IEM, are there any cost differences?
[JA] Gain jumpers are fitted as standard now, so there is no difference in cost any more if using standard presets (6dB or 12dB).
3. With the pot on the AHA-120, what is the channel tracking like? 
[JA] Very good - with new process it is possible to track within 0.5dB by grading the pots.
4. I read somewhere that you were going to release an IEM specific amp, is there a time frame for that, and will it be a Class A design?
[JA] No plans at present.

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