Thursday, 1 December 2011

iBasso D-zero

Out of impulse today, I laid down some cash for an iBasso D-zero. I really wanted to test out how an amp and USB would perform on the iPhone and iPad, an this seemed to be one of the cheapest solutions. At the same time I got a Fiio line out I connect.

The unit itself seems to be a standard decent construction, nothin terrible or excellent. Good fit and finish. Straight up I plugged her into the iPhone with the line out and started playing music. The phones were the Ety HF5, 105 dB balanced armatures. The gain was set to low. No noise or hiss. That was a great start.

Then I proceeded to play some very familiar tracks through them. The volume control was probably set around 50% or so. First thoughts were better midrange vocals and better extension an control on the bass. That was all I had time for. Now I await the unit to be fully charged and some burning in. But I look forward to more use and integration with the iPad USB. The O2 should also arrive next week, so something to compare.

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