Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mini Max Millet Part 2

Finally, everything is ready to go, every part, socket, tube, panel, etc is on-hand. See below the timber frame ready to receive the amp. Note that I am using a XLR input (as is my new standard for all my own equipment) rather than 2 RCA jacks. Also note the use of a lock TRS jack for the headphones. You can see below a few photos of the arrived panel on the timber chassis. The Front Panel Express panel is fantastic. The quality of finish and precision is very good. I will continue to use them for all future projects.

It was a tough choice, but as you can see, I decided to use the orange text on the panel. Combined with an orange LED under the chassis, I am hoping the whole unit will have a very warm colour glow during use, particularly at night, when I will be using it the most.

You can see below the partially completed crossfeed board. For the moment, I have only use stock caps, but I might change that some time in the near future. But the Panasonic ECQ caps are pretty decent. The trouble will be finding a cap of the required size to fit.

The capacitors used are Nichicon Muse for the large signal output capacitor with a Mundorf Silve/Oil as the high quality bypass cap. The power supply capacitors are Nichicon Fine Gold. The other parts are the stock parts as recommended on the MiniMax website.

Construction of the amp will begin after a final check to make sure everything fits. I anticipate that the construction will take around a full day, and I am eagerly looking forward to its completion. Over the last few years, I have built a small collection of 12AE6/12FK6/12FM6 tubes from a range of different manufacturers. By far the best sounding has been the Brimar. I am desperately trying to source more of the Brimar 12AE6A, but to date, no avail. Since I will be using Sennheiser HD650, I'd think that the higher gain tubes would be preferred and ultimately be the permanent tube in the amp. Look for the next part of progress build photos!

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