Thursday, 11 February 2010


After much reading in the last year or so, I have finally settled on a DAC Design to begin experimentation. The Analog Devices AD1865 family. To this end, I recently purchased from eBay the AD1865NOS-1.0 kit. As a start, I will hook it up with any modifications and let the unit run for a few months to let it break it and understand the type of sound this DAC is capable of. But the longer term plan is to modify the unit, potentially using a different I/V stage to draw more out of the chip. The long term plan would be to make a poor man's Audio Note DAC 4. This would most likely entail a CS8414 receiver, feeding into the AD1865. This would then be coupled to the tube gain stage via transformer, which the gain stage would be coupled to the world via another transformer. The intent would be similar to Ciuffoli's DAC-End, with the exception of an added transformer between the DAC and the tube. The power supplies at this stage would be Twister Pear Audio's Placid and TubeCAD's Janus.

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  1. What is the status of this project. I am very interested because I want to begin a similar one.