Wednesday, 25 June 2008


After some debate, and conversations with a few different hifi store vendors, the conclusion was reached, a Rega P3 with an Ortofon 2m Black cartridge. My original turntable choice, was a Project RPM5, but given the cost of that, with an Ortofon 2M Red was already AU$1100, the P3 with Black at AU$1500 was not too much of a stretch. The unit should be fully set up and arriving with a week or so. This is quite exciting.

Meanwhile, I have begun shopping at local Salvation Army, etc stores looking for old LP. Gound a great range of classical music in very good condition. Found one or two 'modern' LP, the rest of the usual Irish Greatish Hits, Scores from Scotland, Nana Mouskouri, Barry Croker, etc. Prices were typically $1 per LP, but I found one store that was selling them at $0.50 per LP, with a much larger selection then most.

Time to start purchasing the cleaning kits, replacement inner sleeves, etc. Fun times ahead!

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