Sunday, 1 June 2008

Since the last post....

A few things have happened since the last posting, all of which has kept me from updating this blog as much as I'd like to.
  1. Completed timber chassis for the Uniamp. With one amp fully wire and connected, had problems with the fuse being blown every time. I suspect this may be due to the powre transformer not being rated for 240V, even though I specifically requested a 240V primary. Had not had the chance to fully ascertian the reasons yet. Will wire up the other one and see if the same problem occurs.
  2. Almost purchased all componets for the DRD45. Some circuit design changes. But filled out with ASC X386S in the PSU, Caddock MK132 in the signal, Mundorf TubeCap for the Ultrapath, Electra-print irons.
  3. Starting out with Vinyl. Contemplating Project RPM5 turntable. Beginning to investigate DIY phono preamps.
Hopefully more updates to follow, along with some photos.

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