Sunday, 15 June 2008

Markaudio 2" Speaker Projects

Currently for my surround setup, I am using the older Mark Audio J6T. These are still available from the Australian distributor, Decibel Hifi. They also sell some very compact 1 litre enclosures for these speakers, of which I purchased and have installed the drivers into. They are superb! The sound is crystal clear, articulate and refined. Quite different to my Fostex 127, but not necessarily better or worse. In fact, they do go down quite low. From design, the f-3dB is around 150 Hz, but in some music records it does reach quite low in the normal musical octaves. Not great for LFE in movies, but when talking about music, voice, etc (rather then effects), it is very pleasurable. I enjoy them so much that I am considering upgrading to the new Alpair 5 speakers, which is an improvement/refinement of the 6T. In doing so, I also want to move up to using Tasmanian Oak (or commonly called KDHW). The following are two designs for a 1l and 2l cabinet using standard stock KDHW readily available in Australia. The f-3dB should be around 150 Hz and 130 Hz respectively. (All dimensions in mm, and uses 135mm wide and 110mm wide boards.) 1 Litre. Internal: 97(w) x 110(d) x 97(h) = 1.035 l Externa: 135(w) x 135(h) x 148(d) BoQ (all 19mm thick, with butt joints (no rebates,etc)): 2x 135x135mm, 2x 110x135mm and 2x 110x97mm. 2 Litre. Internal: 97(w) x 110(d) x 232(h) = 2.475 l Externa: 135(w) x 1270(h) x 148(d) BoQ (all 19mm thick, with butt joints (no rebates,etc)): 2x 135x270mm, 2x 110x135mm and 2x 110x232mm.

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