Monday, 8 July 2013

Verification of thought process

Since I will have a short trip home in the coming weeks, it is my plan to verify my second assumption, that is the 104 dB levels. My goal is to take out my pair of closed FE127e towers (yes, those with the front dust cap crumpled) and play them using my Decware Zen and then LM3886 Chipamp in the 100 cubic meter room. To hopefully negate the effects of the crumpled dust caps (yes, they are both now crumpled…) I will rotate them around and use the 'back speakers'. Wonderful thing about dipole and bipoles! The towers are made from 19mm thick Tasmanian Oak and have light filling. But the top and bottom are loose, leaving plenty of opportunity for tweaking.

The drivers are all terminated separately so that I can experiment with dipole, dipole and the parallel and series. I will listen to my favourite music, and see what levels are acceptable. If, and I stress if, they are suitable with the Zen, then I would see so many options opening up in both speaker and amp combos. If they are no loud enough with the LM3886, then I really need bigger amps and/or higher sensitivity speakers.

Through this, I will also experiment (hopefully) with the monopole, dipole and bipole arrangement. Which should give some further guidance as to my preferred arrangement. The source will be my QLS350 straight into the amps. I might try bringing in my HT sub, to see the effects of low end reinforcement. I will consider this my most important experiment. Speaker configuration, low-end reinforcement and power level combinations.

Note - to be honest, I am keen to see if I can get these to work well with the Zen, and then I can upgrade them to the F120A or even the new Jordan full rangers!

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