Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beyma Modelled Design

After doing some very quick reading, I have assumed a room mode (in Basta) as per default. See the below plot which includes;

  • 1100 high, 500 wide and 400 deep box with vented box tuned to 33.3 Hz at 150mm diameter. 
  • Target of 175 litre volume with 40% Viso. 
  • Active filter at 2nd LP at 700 Hz and 2nd HP at 20 Hz.
  • Baffle Diffraction Effects on, but no BSC modelled.
  • Room Gain on

The result appears to be flat to 40 Hz at around 95 dB, -1 dB at 36.7 Hz and -6 dB at 28 Hz. Pretty close to the target I was aiming for. I am keep to the 4mm max, the power limit would be at 50 W, which would have an output of around 112 dB, or 110 dB at 35 Hz! I'd say that it is a pretty good simulation result.

With various options modelled, at 1 Wrms.

Modelled at max X-max.
Same as the first plot but with room gain turned off.
With the above, the 'mic' distance was far field. When it is changed to 4m near field (i.e., listening position), 50 W power would result in an average level of 100 dB, which is at the top end of my requirements. 16 W would get me to about 95 dB. What this means is that to adequately power this speaker will require an amp of between 16 W to 50 W.

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