Thursday, 24 November 2011

Headphone Amp Ordered

After some quick research, I settled on a pre-built version of the O2 amp, purchased from JDS Labs, an open source headphone amp project. The main reason that I went for this headphone amp initially was:
  1. Cheap.
  2. Low noise.
  3. High measured performance.
  4. No time to DIY or try our more expensive options.
According to the shipping information, the amp should arrive in about a week, before my Earsonics EM4 arrive. But, I will still have an opportunity to test this with my HF5 and see how they stack up. I am keen to further explore again the Vioelectric V200, and it would be great that once the EM4 arrive, that I take the O2 amp and the phones to demo and compare it against the V200.


  1. Can't wait to read your V200 vs O2 comparison write up! Clash of the titans, only one is much more controversial than the other!

  2. Naim, I am looking forward to that to, but right now, due to the relocation, I have so many things still missing. I actually don't have a RCA to 3.5 mini to connect the O2 to anything! I have to find one and get one first. Then I have to find the time away from family and work to get to the store to try out the V200. It'd be good if I can get that done within the next month, but going by my latest progress, who knows... But I think I can do some comparisons (once I get the cable) between the O2, iBasso D Zero and the Calyx Coffee. Two of three are connected and working!