Monday, 21 March 2011

Modifications to Elekit

Recently had the chance to review the components and check that all the parts were present and accounted for. There was only one very minor issue, in that one of the screws was indicated in the manual as having 6  numbers, but shipped and only requires 5. A minor error, otherwise, all parts in excellent condition. On examination of the PCB, I noticed that the through holes were very small. Indeed, none of the after-market capacitors or resistors leads will fit through the holes. I emailed Victor and confirmed that I need to very carefully enlarge the holes. He recommended a hand drill for the process. So, off to the hardware store to find a small pencil drill bit and a matching small diameter drill bit. Hopefully I can begin the through hole enlarging process in the next few days. (HT58RCWVRAK9)

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