Friday, 11 March 2011

HD650 Servcing Update and the AD700

After sending the HD650 up to the service department via courier on Wednesday, I have heard nothing back. Not even a courtesy email to say that it has arrived and in the queue. So I called up the service department today to request an update. Was notified that it has arrived and it is in the queue, which is two weeks long. Generally, I am not too concerned about things like this, but given the expense of the headphones, I would've expected at least a courtesy call or email to let me know that it has been received and that it is in the queue for however long it needs to be. Not the best customer service in my opinion here.

Last night I had the chance to put some music through the AD700. Had around one hour with them using the Ear amp and listening to my standard test set of music. Initial impressions are that; bass is a bit shy and mids quite forward or pronounced. The highs wasn't opened up, felt a little closed. The balance was more towards the mid range, and it was quite 'in your face', so to speak. But nothing overly offensive so far. The music overall was quite enjoyable, but the fit of the headphones not as much so. Whilst I found that the 3D wing system did end up being very light on the head, and placed very little pressure on the skull, most of that weight was transferred to the sponge ear surrounds. This, along with my larger then average ear, made it a little uncomfortable to wear. But, I trust that over time, both the sound and the wear will get better. And no, it did not sound worse because it was purple, and yes, it is still purple....

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  1. My thoughts of this is that it will be a long saga, and probably cost me over $200 to fix and take more than a month. Sometimes you just get that feeling...