Tuesday, 30 October 2007

PSU for the DRD45

The above is the schematic design for the DRD45 power supply. This was done using PSU Designer II. The above shows a residual 'noise' of around 6 mV, which with a 510 V gives a noise dB of around -98dB. This of course ignores the higher harmonics generated, but makes a good starting point. The design calls for a 50uF ASC oil cap, followed by Electra-Print's 20H choke, and then a dual combo of 100uF Solen aluminium can and a 47uF Solen PPE capacitor. There is scope to change the last 47uF to a 50uF ASC Oil. Wanted to avoid electrolytics not just for the rumoured acoustic difference, but also for reliability. The power supply transformer is 410-0-410V, which is an odd rating, but I am sure that Jack (Electra-Print) is able to wind one that is suitable.

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