Wednesday, 7 March 2012


In the end, I ended up placing three orders for the PCM1704, one for a pair of the J versions, and the other; for 17 of the K version. Find the arrival of the first order, from RS Components. Note that this part is made in Japan, and for US$70, you get a fancy case. Well, from a reputable source, I am certain that this is an original chip. Note the markings. Also place orders for the DF1706, which is a 24/192 digital filter, more flexible than the DF1704 in that it takes the higher resolution; but also pricey, at around US$32 each at Mouser. My 'price is no object' DAC is coming together - more information on this, and maybe some schematics soon.

BTW, I am burning in the QA350 now, and have about 100 hours on it; no time to listen, but maybe in the next few days, some thoughts after some burning in. 

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