Wednesday, 1 February 2012

DAC and EM4 Progress

Currently listening to Norah Jones'Come Away with Me on the iPhone and all I can say us that the sound is warm, effortless and intimate.What more can I say about it? The other night I was walking home and listening to Muse's Resistance and let's just say that the hairs in the back of my neck was tingling. Amazing.

My search now turns back to a suitable DAC. The long term goal us to have a computer based system with a DAC and headphone amplifier. Nothing special. The quest to search for the right DAC had led me to a few thoughts. Firstly computer technology changes faster then audio. In the sense that DAC technology moves relatively slowly. Bit USB or firewire changes much faster. And on that vein I have decided to separate the computer souse to the audio side so to speak. That is to get a USB or firewire to SPDIF or other interface without a DAC separate. This results in two points, one more box and the ability to greatly choose the best suited DAC available. One possibility is that I can then use the twisted pear audio buffalo, which is sitting waiting to be put together. Another alternative its to get a DAC that has digital output as well which allows me to choose which to use.

In the initial search for a computer to digital audio interface, leads to a few very standard offerings. M2Tech, SoTM, Lindemann, Halide, Wyred4sound, Audiophileo, Musical Fidelity, Berkeley Audio, and others. However the choice of this CDI is somewhat dependent on the choice of the DAC itself due to the interface type it can accept. For example the halide and Evo had only a single output, coax it RCA. Whereas the V-DAC has more. But at this point the most relevant question is whether or not I ever want to use DSD format. But that is almost another topic unto itself. So for the moment I will continue to enjoy the music whilst the search continues.

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