Wednesday, 26 November 2008

More Decware SE84 Information

Just wondering if I wanted to change the rectifier in my SE84 kit from the N4007 to a 5U4G the wiring would be as shown in your manual "ZSmanual.pdf", in which the following wiring is shown:

  • Two Red from the secondary is connected to the anode of the 5U4G (pin 4 and 6)
  • Red/Yellow to ground
  • Two Yellow from the secondary is connected to pin 2 and 8 of the 5U4
  • Yellow/Black connected to the input capacitor.

Question is, on the "ZSmanual" schematic, the first RC filter resistor is rated at 50W, whilst on the SE84 kit it is a 6W. Do I need to change it to a 50W dale, or similar?

[Steve/Decware] You are correct about being able to wire the tube rectification as per the SE84ZS schematic. The 50W Dale used in the SE84ZS is not required. We chose that particular resistor because it is a 1% tollerence and like the way it sounds. The 6 watt dale will be absolutely fine.

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