Monday, 6 May 2013

Revised Beyma Box

I have been playing around with the box model for the Beyma co-ax, and since then, I have made the following changes. 
  1. 300 l vented box - a nominally 1.2 H x 0.55 W x 0.6 D box.
  2. Vent tuned at 30 Hz.
  3. HP at 20 Hz, 2nd order.
  4. LP at 700 Hz, 4th order.
  5. No Linkwitz transformer.
  6. Source voltage at 14 Vrms, which is around 25 W amp.
  7. Disabled baffle step correction.
At this condition, I was able to get the following predicted response. Note that the driver excursion is limited to below 4mm. At 25W power, it is giving around 100 dB, with f-3 at around 27 Hz. Fairly decent result, with less tinkering with EQs. Bigger box, but that may have to be the sacrifice. 

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