Saturday, 18 May 2013

Relaxed session

Well, I had the first session in a long time with my EM4 in a somewhat high quality arrangement. I was using the O2 headphone amp and the D-zero DAC from my Macbook, using Fidelia as the source. Short commentary.

Source does matter. Some files were better, and some were worse. But I must say that hearing Bach's Cello suites through this setup was very intimate. In the stillness of the afternoon, and using IEM, I really felt like I was in the room with Janos as he plays the cello suites. On another thought, 1812 Overture was just flat, even on 176.2 kHz source file. I think that complex music just doesn't play well with the setup. Not sure why, but it was just not as inspiring as other kinds of music.

But, it was a refreshing and enjoyable session of one and a half hours.

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