Thursday, 16 May 2013

EL84 PP Idea

Well, I was on the train home and was thinking about the Beyma. I was considering have it passive crossover. Using copper foil inductors and Jantzen caps, it turned out to be around US$350. I was then thinking what if I just built two simple EL84 PP amps instead, and then I can experiment with a cheapie PA active crossover. This was, I can tune them and then once the sweet spot found, I can do a hardwired active crossover. Would that be cheaper?

Anyway, more incoherent thoughts later, see below. 2.6W in SE mode, and thus is Class A PP, it'd be 5.2W. 2nd harmonic should cancel out (mostly) and the 3rd harmonic should sum, but the predicted 3rd harmonic is pretty low. The PSU below using a choke input. It could be a simple, 'cheaper' build. But it could also be quite good. The output transformer is 8k in SE operation.

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  1. Software to get the numbers.....and commercial module like the PSU solutions......what's the point in such a cold-easy-"copy n' paste" device??

    Learn some calculus, swim-in transfer equations.....UNDERSTAND the insights of the device.....get a pencil, paper, ruler and DESIGN a real beauty staying away from this "unsoul" devices.