Wednesday, 15 May 2013

OB Design

Here is my idea for my convertible open baffle. The overall size is 1,100mm high and either 550 or 600mm in width. It will have a 90mm hardwood return frame that may have bracing and sound damping applied. The back will allow the addition of a boot or shroud that can make it a U frame, closed or ported box. The main issues will be how to make it rigid enough for the closed and ported box.

The lower driver will be an Eminence Alpha 15A. Simply because I have a pair. They could be changed in the future, but for the moment, that at it. The main speaker panels will be removable to allow me to change different drivers. I am not sure whether to have a separate panel for a super tweeter,or to have that sitting on the top.

But if this does work, I will have a very modifiable and tenable OB speaker that will fit my Fostex F207e, Lowther DX3, Sabe Green cones and potentially also Visaton B200, Supravox 6" or 8" Alnico, PHY or anything else I can get my hands on.

This, my Beyma Coax ported box and the Jordan TL will form my main speakers.

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